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How do I manage training intensity, difficulty level, and learning speed?

Our exercises can be incredibly challenging and mentally exhausting even for experienced players, especially at the beginning. At the same time, however, this makes many of our exercises so appealing to players, who, after some time, look forward more and more to new challenges in training and enjoy mastering one exercise after another!

The exercises should be used in a way that constantly pushes the players to the limit of their abilities and a little beyond, without overwhelming them. This is called the “Principle of Overload". The right level of difficulty naturally varies from player to player and can best be adjusted in individual training. In group or team training, the difficulty of the exercises can be increased for those players who master a basic task faster than others through additional tasks and combinations.

Always ensure that the learning speed is not compromised and that you extract the maximum learning speed from the players; therefore, your coaching must be efficient (our great coaching-tips will help with that). It is not about the players executing the movement perfectly; movement differences are allowed. Instead, the focus is on the players acquiring the movement concept of the exercise. Over time, the diversity of movement patterns learned in our exercises will lead to an overall more harmonious and economical movement flow.

Updated on: 06/29/2023

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