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How long should a cognitive training session last?

We have been incorporating cognitive training for many years, particularly in individual training but also in group and team training. For targeted cognitive individual and group training, a session duration of approximately 45-60 minutes (once or twice a week) is recommended. During these sessions, the primary focus is on brain training following an individual warm-up program. Since the training does not include extended breaks, even highly skilled players experience mental fatigue, and extending the training duration would not provide additional benefits.

In team training, depending on the available time, it is advisable to allocate 15-20 minutes for cognitive training per session either during the warm-up or immediately afterward. Although this may initially feel unfamiliar to everyone, it often receives a positive response from teams, as players nowadays are enthusiastic about new, diverse, and innovative exercises. Moreover, many of them observe noticeable improvements in their performance after just a few weeks.

Updated on: 06/25/2023

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