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What should I do if the players are making little or no progress?

It can happen from time to time that players make little or no progress at the beginning or even during the modules. In such cases, it is important to analyze the training of the current exercises to understand the reasons behind the lack of progress. Often, this can be attributed to both motor and cognitive difficulties. In the coaching points provided in the "Playbook" of each exercise, we address the most common challenges and sources of errors.

It is crucial to break down the exercises into small steps, allowing the players to learn them gradually at their own pace. Afterward, these components can be integrated to form the complete exercise. During this process, it is important to explain to the players that many of the exercises can be quite challenging, and therefore, it is normal for the learning process to take some time. Additionally, taking short breaks or initially repeating a familiar exercise can be helpful before returning to the more difficult one. Surprisingly, our brains often make use of these pause periods, which can make subsequent exercises feel easier for the players.

Updated on: 06/23/2023

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